Weighing the Options.

You do not truly understand stress, until you’re less than a month away from graduating college. Preparedness is a thing of the past and panic is a cruel punch to the gut in place of it. I’ll be the first to tell you (and definitely not the last) that the job hunt is fierce, difficult, and trying. It will test your patience, your morals, and your ability to not give any fucks, because you will undoubtedly give as many fucks as you’ve been holding back just to get an interview or even a rejection email. Think of backups and backups to those backups, they are essential. They will give you a peace of mind that could only otherwise be achieved through intoxication or an induced coma. If graduate school is your plan, then I commend you because you’ve obviously garnered some grasp of higher learning that I am only now delving in to. The options are hopeful, but the tuition is dreadful. I know I’ll make it through somehow. Sometimes you don’t understand or appreciate the process, until you’ve gotten to the finish line. Sweating and cramping, I will make it to the finish line. Just like I know you will.


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