I am a writer. I am someone who utilizes the written word (more so typed) to express my feelings and put to words my thoughts on the world around me. It is often disseminated to the world, yet rarely received by it. This blog is not a place for me to beg for readers or beg to be “discovered.” This blog is a place for me to leave my thoughts for the public, in hopes that they will discover it and begin to think differently. It saddens me at times how often we attempt to fit within the box of appropriate behavior that is created by society. Men have to act one way, women another, and anyone outside of the binary is left to fend for themselves. Everything in life is a social construct. We conform, we perpetuate, we live. But once we know that everything around is constructed, one hopes that we can learn to see the world from a different perspective.

So, no, this blog is not to beg. This blog is to gain sight. This blog is to read. This blog is to hope. Welcome to this amazing journey of redefinition and discovery.

-Jason Credo


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