Let’s (Begin To) Examine: Love.

Such a tricky thing, love.

What is it good for? Well, a ton of stuff actually. I can firmly tell you, my dear reader, with full confidence and very little regret that I have fallen in love before. I know, how can somebody at twenty-two fall in love? It’s unheard of! Not entirely. It was a love that was all consuming. It was a love that was numbing. It was a love that was never meant to last. Two weeks to be exact. But I wouldn’t trade those two weeks for a year of what we were doing, because in the end it wasn’t what was best for us. Why waste our time? Now this post isn’t to divulge unto you the intricacies of my love life or to bash this person with whom I have created memories that will last a lifetime, but it is to tell you what I learned and to examine it. Let’s dive in, shall we?

It’s weird to think of a relationship as something that can end. You think: once you have, it’s yours forever. The search is over! Happily ever after. Not always the case. In this particular relationship, I learned that when they do end (as they so often do), that doesn’t mean your world will end. I’m still standing here, one month later, telling you my ethereal reader that the end of a relationship is not the end of the world. Take your well-deserved sigh of relief and continue reading. There’s this saying that I am now going to quote and most likely butcher: people come into your lives for two reasons: to stay or to teach you a lesson. While this is a very essentialist way of viewing the people in your life, we’re just going to go with it for now. This person taught me to love openly, to speak my mind. But the most important lesson was after it was over, which was: to focus on me. It makes sense when you think of it. Can you truly devote yourself to another person if you throw yourself to the waste side?  If someone makes you feel like you owe them something because you’re together, do they actually deserve it? If you want to make someone else so happy that it comes at the cost of your own, is that truly love? Only you can answer that. Love is hotly sought after and so rarely achieved in actuality. Maybe it’s because we aren’t ready. Maybe it’s because we want to be like everyone else, so madly in love that the world doesn’t matter. We want to be numb to society because we’re so enveloped in our partners. Do we need someone to make us feel that way? Should we depend on another person for our own happiness? Did my point get lost along the way here? Yes. 

Love. It’s good for a ton of stuff and I can tell you now that there is still so much more out there to discover.


3 thoughts on “Let’s (Begin To) Examine: Love.

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