Let’s Question: Love and Doubt.

Love, as of always, has been the most interesting, most frustrating, most satisfying topic to look at. It has brought me fear at the things people have done for love, it has brought me hope at what could possibly be true love for me, and it has brought me doubt for the love I may never be able to attain. Where there is doubt, there is fear. This idea came to me after watching an episode of Jane The Virgin (of course, a television show would bring me such an idea because as young adults, we consume hundreds of hours of media and pop culture every week) and Jane’s Grandmother, Alba (played by Ivonne Coll) said: “You can poke holes in anything […], but Faith is the absence of doubt.”

That last line sat with me for a while: “Faith is the absence of doubt.” An absolute faith in your partner is essential; it’s the key to the locked door of eternal happiness. Have you ever doubted the person you’ve been with? Do you still carry those doubts? I think I still do, if we’re being completely honest. But what if those doubts are there for a reason? What if that’s my gut telling me when to hold back or to move on? What if? What if? What if? Two words put together create one of the worst questions you could ever ask yourself. They warrant answers that are revealing, but why do they have to be so multifaceted? They act on every possible angle, whether or not you’re aware that you can look at it that way. Let’s get back to doubt. If they’re present for a reason, in which capacity do they act in? Are they inhibitors or are they catalysts? Are they obstacles you have to overcome? I’m not sure this post has any other purpose other than to pose questions that I can’t even begin to answer. Maybe I’m asking you, dear reader, if there is a reason for doubt. Maybe I’m asking if three words, eight letters are the actual key to happiness. Does a key exist or do you just have to knock on the door?


One thought on “Let’s Question: Love and Doubt.

  1. You can turn the question around to: If there’s nothing there to keep you on your toes, does it feel worth it in the end? I’ve done both types of relationships. The one where you have no doubt about your partner, they say and do all the right things, no arguments about anything. The long-time result is that there’s no passion and you’re literally bored to death. Then there’s the one where you’re never quite sure, where there’s always a little bit of tension in the air, enough doubt to make you go that extra mile to keep their attention… this alternative is (potentially) the most soul-destroying but also the most exciting and (potentially) rewarding.


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