Let’s Define: The Tinker Bell Theory

This is me thinking out loud. If you’re like me, you’ve given upwards of fifty presentations, speeches, talks (what have you) in the last five years of your life. Most likely not, because it’s rare that you are me. One thing i’ve noticed as of late was the response I’d receive from my audience. Before I’d even speak professionally or delve into my topic, I’d get an applause. Not because I’m famous (i’m one of the furthest people from fame), but just random bursts from people. I’ve learned to equate it with an innate sense of awkwardness I assume I exude when i’m behind a podium. I crack jokes, I make it seem inappropriate, and have probably ended up swearing under my breath. After tracking the occurrences down, I wondered if they’re doing it out of pity for my awkwardness or in spite of it? Do they feel that I need this boost to perform better or do they genuinely like my presence? Are they the proverbial public speaking Viagra, medically proven to keep my spirit up for at least four hours of intense, knowledge dropping speech giving? A part of me wants to say that it’s because they genuinely like me. However, the only flaw in that is that most classmates rarely interact with each other and are therefore unable to create a bond that would warrant such uproarious applause. Given the options I’ve laid out, it’s probably because they feel that I am awkward and don’t do this very often. Joke’s on them, it’s an act. I’m very comfortable in front of groups and behind podiums. Just like Tinker Bell, I’ll revel in their applause and come to life before their very eyes.

Have you ever felt this feeling? It may not even be applause, but that someone is doing something out of character or have gone out of their way to make you feel better. I suppose in those terms, it wouldn’t even be a Tinker Bell Theory, it’d just be being a good, well-rounded individual (a feat most humans have an extremely hard time achieving). Regardless of that, if ever we were to meet, you’d get an applause from me.