Let’s Examine: Doubt Removal.

You hear the voice everyday. It speaks to you when it’s quiet. It speaks to you when you have nothing to do. It speaks to you when all else is fleeting. That voice’s name is doubt. It’s a heartless son of bitch that lives to leave chaos in its wake and push every care aside. The only way to get rid of doubt is to drag it, kicking and screaming, into the cold, harsh light of day (please note that this is only a temporary solution and not one that completely eradicates it from existence. If you do have one that eliminates it completely, please do reach out because I’d love to give it a shot).

There are several things that make this technique work:
1) You must be completely honest, no matter how difficult it may be.

Honesty, in a sense is the best policy. The reason the phrase is so cliche and tired is because it’s been tried so many times that there is a shred of truth embedded within the syntax. It’s fool-proof and difficult. Without honesty, doubt will mature within your mind and eventually create a family with little doubtlets. Once this happens, you won’t want to get rid of doubt because you will then be destroying an entire family and no one wants to do that.

2) You must talk to someone who won’t simply mirror responses you want to hear or will talk about themselves. Your person must be open and helpful and there for you 100%.

Disclaimer: Do not talk to those who are intoxicated, high, or tired. They are in altered states of being whose opinion may or may not be 100% sound. These are not the people you want to spill your guts to, these are the people to hang out with afterwards (should getting drunk, high, or sleepy be your coping mechanism to the utter banishment of doubt). Your person should be just that: YOUR PERSON. Someone you have trusted for years on end and have proven themselves worthy of that title. They will tell you things that are difficult to hear and will hold you together no matter what. Even if it takes tape and glue, they will make sure you do not fall apart. These people are the best people in the world. Never lose them and never take them for granted.

3) Tears may be a part of the process, so it’s pertinent that you do not be afraid.

Crying is good. It’s fantastic. It’s what floods the doubt and drives them from your head. It cleanses. Don’t run away from them. Run towards them. Tough times may lay ahead of you, but you will overcome them if you follow these steps.*

*Results may vary because I am not an expert, these steps have not been put through any proper trials, and life is relative to personal experiences, trauma, and willingness. Take my word at your own caution and I hope that you never feel doubt ever again.


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